TED launches season 3 of “The Way We Work”

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Almost overnight, 2020 changed the way we work. Businesses and governments moved online, parents everywhere worked from kitchen tables alongside their kids, and essential frontline workers showed true heroism in the course of their everyday jobs. In TED’s third season of The Way We Work, business leaders and thinkers advise on how to navigate the shifting sands of work these days — whether brought on by the pandemic or not.

This eight-episode series offers practical wisdom on how to bring your best self to work, online or in-person. Each brief episode gets straight to the point, whether you’re feeling burnt out from remote work, trying to support your busy partner, hoping to nail your next interview or find the best candidate, or planning to grow your freelance business and better manage your team during a crisis. This series is made possible with the support of Dropbox.

Feeling burnout from working remotely? Here’s what you can do:


Tips to up your freelance game:


A cheat sheet on being a leader right now:


What interviewers really care about: 


The hiring process needs a makeover. Here’s how:


It’s possible to have a great career and a great relationship:


Inclusive leadership means really listening to junior staff:


Need to have a personal conversation at work? Here’s how:

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