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TED Live: Get the TED Conference experience at your home, school or office

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Announcing TED Live, a year-long membership that offers individuals, schools and small businesses remote access to TED, including “virtual seats” at both the TED and TED Global conferences.

“TEDsters have asked us for a convenient and affordable way to enjoy TED all year long. By watching both conferences at their home, work or office; receiving a TED Book twice a month for a year, delivered automatically to one of this season’s hottest items, the Kindle Fire; and getting private access to the TED Live community, members will enjoy exclusive access to TED all year round,” said Tom Rielly, TED’s community director. “And for some, it makes a pretty great holiday gift.”

The membership is available for individuals and primary/secondary schools at $995 a year, and for colleges, universities and small businesses at $2,500 a year. Both options include:

Live webcast of TED and TEDGlobal Conferences
Virtual seats at TED’s flagship conferences from anywhere in the world. Individual/home members can view the conferences with up to 10 people, and schools and businesses up to 50.

Year-Round TED Live Online Community
Dedicated TED Live chat rooms for TED Live community during each conference; exclusive content, inside access and live reporting from on-site TED Live liaison, bringing TED Live voices into the physical conferences; year-round access to an exclusive Facebook group and messaging features.

Kindle Fire + TED Books Subscription
Amazon’s New Kindle Fire 7″ color tablet plus a one-year subscription to TED Books (twice a month or approximately 24 books) – short eBooks by TED speakers and Fellows that elaborate on powerful ideas from their TEDTalks. Authors include Nic Marks, Gever Tulley, Juan Enriquez & Steve Gullans, Cindy Gallop, and Graham Hill. TED Books will be automatically delivered to the member’s Kindle Fire or other Kindle device or software. The Kindle Fire also supports watching TEDTalks, acclaimed videos of the conferences’ amazing luminaries, as well as other books, music, video, apps and web browsing. (1 per membership)

Unlike previous TED virtual memberships available only for one conference, TED Live may be purchased any day of the year, and members will enjoy access to the next TED and TED Global.

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