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TED Names 2011 Fellows, Senior Fellows

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We’re thrilled to announce the members of 2011’s TED Fellows class. Founded in January 2009, the TED Fellows program handpicks world-changing innovators from around the globe, and brings them to the TED stage – literally and figuratively – to raise international awareness of their remarkable work. TED also announces today its 2011 Senior Fellows, 12 members chosen from last year’s TED, TEDGlobal, and TEDIndia Fellows classes who have been invited to participate in the TED community for another two years.

“Our incoming Fellows and rising Senior Fellows are extraordinary people drawn from the widest spectrum of disciplines,” said Tom Rielly, TED Fellows director. “And while each has already achieved so much in his or her respective fields – from music to science to the arts – all are now poised to spread their ideas on a global level. The Fellows program helps amplify the impact of each Fellow’s eye-opening ideas, and we’re thrilled to welcome these innovators to the TED community.”

On January 17, 2011, TED will begin accepting submissions for the next round of TED Fellows (read more here). The Fellows program seeks individuals of age 21-50 (though anyone over age 18 is eligible) who demonstrate remarkable achievement in their field of endeavor. The program focuses on candidates from five regions: Asia/Pacific, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East, though candidates from all regions are welcome.

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The 2011 TED Fellows:

2011 TED Fellows
Joshua Roman (US) – Cellist
James Patten (US) – Inventor
Nina Tandon (US) – Tissue engineering researcher
Marcin Jakubowski (US) – Farmer + technologist
Sey Min (Korea) – Media artist
Chris Woebken (US | Germany) – Interaction designer
Yara Shaban (Jordan) – Roboticist
Camille Seaman (US) – Polar photographer
Skylar Tibbits (US) – Architect + computer scientist
Sumit Varma (India) – Designer + filmmaker
Suzanne Lee (UK) – Fashion designer
Xavier Vilalta (Spain) – Architect
Kaustuv De Biswas (India) – Architecture + design entrepreneur
Luke Hutchison (US | New Zealand) – Computational biologist
Yale Fox (Canada | US) – Nightclub behaviorist
Sanjana Hattotuwa (Sri Lanka) – Citizen journalist
Isabel Behncke Izquierdo (Chile | UK | DRC) – Primatologist
Prumsodun Ok (US | Cambodia) – Interdisciplinary artist

2011 TED Senior Fellows
Jessica Green (US) – Engineer + biodiversity scientist
Robert Gupta (US) – Violinist
Cesar Harada (Japan | France | UK) – Inventor + environmentalist
Mitchell Joachim (US) – Architect + futurist
Manu Prakash (India | US) – Physicist + inventor
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy (Pakistan | Canada | US) – Filmmaker + historian
Awab Alvi (Pakistan) – Dentist + political activist
Alanna Shaikh (US | Tajikistan) – Health + development specialist
Aparna Rao (India) – Artist
Candy Chang (US) – Designer + urban planner
Esra’a Al Shafei (Bahrain) – Human rights activist