TED News in Brief: JR’s art dances, this world might be a simulation and … Lean In, The Movie?

At TEDWomen, Sheryl Sandberg how she had to be pushed to get personal in the TED Talk that became her book, Lean In. Now, the book may become a movie. Photo: Kristoffer Heacox

At TEDWomen 2013, Sheryl Sandberg admitted she had to be pushed to get personal in the TED Talk that became her book Lean In. Photo: Kristoffer Heacox

So much happening in TED-related news this week. Here, some of the highlights.

Lean In: The Movie? Sony has acquired the movie rights to Sheryl Sandberg’s book, which began as a TED Talk.

Speaking of books, Simon Sinek (watch his talk) recently released his new book Leaders Eat Last, about how leaders can foster a feeling of security that can pull a team together. Here, he talks to CBS News about how the best leaders are like parents, putting their teams’ needs before their own.

Visitors to the David H. Koch Theater for the New York City Ballet are getting a  surprise now through February 9 — artist JR (watch his TED Prize talk) has overlaid the floor with a 6,500-square-foot image of the company’s dancers, all just about life-sized. Look closely, and the assemblage of bodies forms an eye. Here, The New York Times’ take on the installation.

In response to Grantland’s “Dr. V” controversy, journalism professor Jay Rosen (read about his talk) evokes TED speaker Bill Joy (watch his talk) to make his case: Newsrooms need more diversity.

Aeon Magazine looks at the philosophical and scientific theories about the possibility that the universe is a computer simulation. This includes a close look at the work of TED speaker Nick Bostrom’s work (watch his talk).


The Purpose Economy has released its list of 100 leaders who are making meaning a central value in their work. Just a few of the TED speakers featured (in addition to our curator Chris Anderson): Melinda Gates, Atul Gawande, Brené Brown, Cindy Gallop, Dan Pink, Emily Pilloton, Michael Porter, Beth Noveck, Rick Warren, Robin Chase, Salman Khan, Sebastian Thrun (read a TED Blog conversation between the previous two honorees), Peter Norvig, Arianna Huffington, David Kelley, Al Gore, Elon Musk, Jennifer Pahlka, Jimmy Wales, Michael Pollan and Eli Pariser.

Cesar Kuriyama’s mobile app, 1 Second Everyday (watch the TED Talk), is featured in the The New York Times in an article about apps that help you chronicle your daily life.

Economist Mariana Mazzucato recently published a book, The Entrepreneurial State, expanding on ideas in her TED Talk. An excerpt appeared in Delancey Place’s daily newsletter last week. In the excerpt, Mazzucato names 12 government innovations that helped Apple’s success.

Education activist Geoffrey Canada (watch his talk) weighs in on the future of New York’s pre-K policies under new mayor Bill de Blasio.

And finally, read an explainer from the New Scientist about Stephen Hawking’s (watch his TED Talk) new short paper on black holes.