TED News in Brief: Geoffrey Canada steps down in Harlem, Keith Barry plays tricks on used car salespeople

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Chip Kidd is one of four TED speakers who received AIGA Centennial Medal. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Chip Kidd is one of four TED speakers who received AIGA Centennial Medal. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Four TED speakers have been given the AIGA Centennial Medal, billed as “the highest honor in the design profession.” Chip Kidd (watch his talk), David Carson (watch his talk), Bob Greenberg (who spoke at TED3, in 1992, and will appear at TED2014), Nancye Green (who spoke at TED2, in 1990!) are among the 24 medalists.

B.J. Novak of The Office has a new collection of short stories, and story #12 is about a man who attempts to build a mirror for the Earth after watching a TED Talk. If you pick up One More Thing, flip to page 58 to read the story.

Today in Ukraine, as the president agreed to a reduction in powers, Parliament voted to free former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who been imprisoned for the past two years. Anti-terrorist activist Jason McCue silently raised awareness of the issue from the TEDGlobal stage, wearing a “Free Yulia in Ukraine” T-shirt while giving his TED Talk.

After two decades, Geoffrey Canada (watch his TED Talk) has stepped down as the chief executive of the Harlem Children’s Zone. The Wall Street Journal spoke to Canada about his decision.

In her TED Talk, Angela Lee Duckworth shared what her research on grit meant for students. In this interview with Strategy + Business, she shares what it means for managers and employees.


Watch mentalist Keith Barry (watch his TED Talk) do some brain magic on used car salesmen.

And read Paul Bloom’s (watch his talk) analysis of the war on reason in The Atlantic.

TEDx plays a big role in the latest episode of the web series High Maintenance. Warning: There is not only mild drug use, but a severely incorrect use of TEDx guidelines.

TED Blog writer Jessica Gross explores the romance of writing on a train in The Paris Review.

Jared Diamond (watch his TED Talks) outlines “Four Threats to American Democracy” in Governance.

And choreographer Wayne McGregor (watch his TED Talk) has premiered his latest work, “Atamos,” in Montclair, NJ. In a review of the piece, The New York Times said, “The fundamentally sensationalist nature of Mr. McGregor’s dance idiom (he doesn’t do small, delicate, gentle or subtle) is on one side; on the other is his strenuous braininess.”