TED Radio Hour named the Best New Audio Podcast of 2012

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The editors over at iTunes listen to a ton of podcasts. So we are extremely honored that they have selected TED Radio Hour, a labor of love from ourselves and NPR, as one of their Best of 2012. TED Radio Hour has been named the “Best New Audio Podcast,” joining The Adam Carolla Show, Minute Physics and Sesame Street for top podcast honors.

TED Radio Hour brings together amazing speakers from the TED stage, united in the ideas they shared. Host Allison Stewart weaves together these great talks with in-studio interviews and with topically-salient music. The point: to bring ideas to life and show how they ripple through the world.

Interested in giving TED Radio Hour an auditory spin? Here, some of our favorite episodes from season 1 of the show. Season 2 will launch in March of 2013.

BrainOur Buggy Brain.” Human beings are prone to lying, cheating and perpetually misjudging the things that would actually make them happy. What tricks do our minds play in order to allow us to break our moral codes and hold onto the wrong ideals? In this episode, TED Radio Hour’s debut, Alison Stewart talks with Dan ArielyPaul Bloom and Dan Gilbert about how our minds inform and sometimes deceive us. Listen to the episode on iTunes »


FoodFood Matters.” Mmmm, food. This episode explores the growing, making and distribution of it. While Dan Barber makes our mouths water describing the best fish he ever ate, architect Carolyn Steel takes a look at the daily miracle of food reaching millions of mouths in cities. Meanwhile Cary Fowler calls for us to protect the seeds. Listen to the episode on iTunes »


IdeasWhere Ideas Come From.” What is it that makes a light bulb go off over someone’s head? This episode explores idea formation, with Steven Johnson sharing how to create the best environment for ideas to grow. Meanwhile, Matt Ridley shares how exactly “ideas have sex” and Susan Cain underscores how important it is that we hear ideas from the voices that aren’t simply the loudest. Listen to the episode on iTunes »