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The Stage at TED@Tunis

As the TED team travels around the world hosting salons in 14 cities, we’re collecting great local stories. Here’s a quick report from TED@Tunis, held May 8, 2012, at Cité des Sciences de Tunis, and locally hosted by Houssem Aoudi of the TEDxCarthage team.

Start with attendee Atef Zayati‘s Picasa album of the event, here or on his blog.

Event organizer Houssem Aoudi tweeted:

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Then, peel your eyes away (if you can) and read one TED photographer’s story of giving his first TEDTalk, at TED@Tunis, on his blog:

Finally, check out the Break Point Blog wrapup video of the event below:

[vimeo w=500&h=375]

And don’t forget to check back on the TED Talent Search site in a few weeks for full versions of talks given at each salon.

Research: Larissa D. Green
Photo: Atef Zayati