TED Talent Search: Reports from TED@Sydney …

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A “fluid” presentation at the TED2013 auditions in Sydney, Australia.

As the TED team travels around the world hosting salons in 14 cities, we’re collecting great local stories. Here’s a quick report from TED@Sydney, held May 27, 2012, at Carriageworks, and hosted locally by TEDxSydney organizers.

Start with this abundant photo set from Jean-Jacques Halans on Flickr to relive and relish some of the Australian talent search highlights.

Then check out this beautiful post from “Fe,” a self proclaimed “documentarian,” who shot three days’ worth of events, performances, and intimate moments during TEDxSydney 2012 and TED@Sydney.

Another great blog post from Jason Kemp gives a peek at the TEDTalks presented at the talent search.

End on a high note with these excited tweets from attendees:

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Photo: TED@Sydney Flickr Album by Jean-Jacques Halans