TED Talks Education speakers make playlists for you

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Talks Ed cast

On Tuesday night, PBS and TED joined forces to air TED Talks Education, a one-hour televised special, featuring passionate teachers, students and researchers from the field who shared their ideas about transforming the US education system. We were so inspired by these spirited speakers that we asked them to curate playlists of their favorite TED Talks for you to enjoy.

Sir Ken Robinson chose his favorite talks, spanning creative methods of learning and powerful spoken word. Watch his favorite talks »

Educator Angela Duckworth selected inquisitive talks about human behavior and psychology. Watch her talk picks »

Bill Gates’ extensive playlist includes a variety of eye-opening selections on medicine, robots and violence. Watch the talks that inspire him »

Teacher and activist Geoffrey Canada’s playlist reflects his passion for advocacy through an exploration of violence, slums and environmental activism. Watch his favorite talks on social justice »

Poet Malcolm London picked talks from speakers with candor – poets and educators alike. Watch this poet’s selections »

High school teacher Pearl Arrendondo chose motivating talks that reflect her own drive. Watch her inspiring picks »

Ramsey Musallam, chemistry teacher, selected talks on imaginative ways of repurposing education and learning. Watch his inventive collection of talks »