TED and Culture3 to launch inaugural TED Tech event in London, England

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TED Tech will take place in London, September 18-19, 2023.

TED and the UK-based company Culture3 have announced a collaboration to launch the first TED Tech conference, to be held September 18-19 in London, England. Together, TED Tech and Culture3 hope to build optimism and accountability around the impact of AI, blockchain and extended reality.

TED’s first all-tech conference

The inaugural TED Tech will kick off Culture3 Week, a four-day festival bringing together the world of art, business and technology to investigate the ideas shaping culture and society. It’s TED’s first all-tech-focused conference.

Why it’s different

This isn’t just another tech conference. TED and Culture3 have designed a uniquely connected experience that combines TED’s signature talks and conversations with a Culture3-curated ideas forum of real-world applications, art exhibits and industry-shaping demonstrations and announcements. Attendees will hear TED speakers and Culture3-curated experts dive into the latest advancements in tech that are radically transforming the world around us.   

TED Tech at a glance

  • 1500+ Attendees 
  • 10+ TED speakers
  • Workshops 
  • Culture3-curated idea forums 
  • Demos and announcements

The ideas

Attendees will gather to consider the questions that matter most:

  • What will a future driven by such extraordinary technological advancements actually look like?
  • How should these advancements be monitored, governed or controlled, if at all?
  • How might society, art and business change as a result of this technology?

The attendees

We’ll bring together brilliant minds — artists, creators, technologists and entrepreneurs — to discuss, debate and create the future of the internet. The first TED Tech will be hosted in London, where a vibrant ecosystem of start-ups, tech giants and universities fuel innovation.

How to attend

TED Tech will take place in London on September 18-19, 2023. If you want to be at the forefront of the conversation and join a powerful group of business and community leaders, innovators and creators, register now »