TED U Session 2: Smiles, bravery and serendipity

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At TED University Session 2 this morning, we discovered the science behind our smiles, witnessed a tale of a valiant shoe rescue, and heard about the “rich seed beds of serendipity.” Here are just a few of the highlights:

Googler¬†Amit Sood used his “20 percent” time to develop the ¬†Google Art Project, which transports us to museums of the world to explore timeless masterpieces up close and personal.

Candy Chang designs “I Wish This Was” stickers to empower a community voice in the transformation of empty storefronts. A few of our favorites: I Wish This Was… my produce market … real soul food …full of nymphomaniacs with PhDs.

Brian O’Sullivan gave us step-by-step directions on how to build a wind turbine, from the initial research on nearby wildlife to the assembly of the football field-sized blades.

All photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson