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TED vs. SoulPancake: The showdown for a People’s Voice Webby (Variety category)

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TED, THNKR, SoulPancake, The Switch and Henry Review have all been nominated for The Webby’s People’s Voice Award in the category Online Film & Video Variety. Last week, both Kid President and Candace issued rousing calls on YouTube, asking for their fans’ help in catching up to us in the vote — which closes April 30.

We adore SoulPancake — heck, we’ve even posted a talk from Kid President on our site. So we’re sort of pleased to see that their campaign has changed the tide. SoulPancake currently has 58% of the vote to our 35%. That said, we like to win Webbies. Who doesn’t?

So who does the TED staff think should win this important race? We asked in the video at the top of this post …