TED2007: Day three wrap-up

Quotes of the day:

Economist Emily Oster: "Not having sex is like an investment, so you value it more the longer you expect to live in the future." (About AIDS in Africa)

"Lost" creator JJ Abrams: "Mystery is more important that knowledge."

Participant Production’s Jeff Skoll: "I asked John Gardne how to best use the money I made co-founding eBay, and he told me: Bet on good people doing good things."

MoMA design curator Paola Antonelli: "I’m Italian, and in Italy design is normal."

ARUP head of foresight Chris Luebkeman: "We brought CO2 emissions for power and heath to zero: it’s good, but not good enough." (About designing a new sustainable city in China)

Former Curitiba mayor Jaime Lerner: "Cities are not the problem: they are the solution."

Designer Eames Demetrios: "The role of the designers is about anticipating the needs of the guest and make them feel good."

Nokia’s Jan Chipchase: "This is pure street-up innovation." (About the use of cell phones for money transfer in Uganda)