TED2007 Day Three: things that knocked my hat in the creek

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Wow!  Day Three at TED2007 ROCKED!  A magical day which got crank-started by a truly electric presentation on the perils of Local Warming. 

This was a day which just can’t wait for the TEDTalks to come out.  Daniel Goleman made a wonderful connection between emotional intelligence and the empathy which will be required — by all of us — to make more informed, broader-scope consumption and action decisions in the future.  Later in the day Eames Demetrios, grandson of Charles Eames (and a true design thinker in his own right) made the same point in a different way — humanity has got the information now; we just need to start making better choices.

Today (actually, yesterday, since once again I find myself blogging at 4 in the morning — funny that…) was one of those classic TED days where almost everything was mind-blowing,where just about everything knocked my hat in the creek.  Highlights for me were JJ Abrams and his Mystery Box; Jeff Skoll and his enlightened humanity; Deborah Scranton and her movie The War Tapes, which every global citizen must see and experience; Will Wright and his latest "game" which I couldn’t help but think was the fortuitous answer to the TEDPrize wish of 2007 TEDPrize winner E.O. Wilson; Jaime Lerner as a vibrant example of the power of pure enthusiasm; Eames Demetrios for giving us the gift of previously unseen movies which exposed the vernacular power of iterative prototyping, as well as a parable of a banana leaf which pretty much sums up TED 2006+2007 in a nutshell (you MUST watch this TEDTalk when it comes out!); and of course Tracy Chapman and Isabel Allende for their artistry and authenticity.

It was a good day.

Above, all, I want to express my personal gratitude for Thomas Dolby and the musicians of the Jazz Mafia for the musical punch they give to all of TED: