TED2008: Visual blogging

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While many people at TED blog away in words and photographs, two artists — Kevin Richards and David Sibbet — are immersed in another form of conference blogging. They are the magic hands (and, given the intensity of this conference, brains) behind the TED BIG VIZ, a project to visually record and synthetize the ideas of TED speakers. Kevin and David create in almost-real-time spontaneous sketches of the speeches using the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro software on Wacom Cintiq graphic tablets. Their drawings are then presented and organized on a Perceptive Pixels big multi-touch computer screen (Perceptive Pixels is the company founded by past TED star speaker Jeff Han). Here are some of their drawings:


They can be navigated in multiple ways, expanded, enlarged, etc:


Here is their "visual post" on Craig Venter’s speech:


And here what they did with Amy Tan’s: