TED2009 minutes from Ethan Zuckerman: On Bill Gates

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Ethan Zuckerman is liveblogging TED2009. Here’s a snippet from his recent musings:


“It’s hard to introduce Bill Gates, I suspect. Chris Anderson, our host, explains that Gates hasn’t been at TED since 1992, when he wasn’t very warmly received by the Silicon Valley community. He’s not talking technology today, despite the fact that he’s in a session titled “Reboot”. Gates worries that he might be invited in this section because we’re all rebooting our PCs so often – instead, he wants to talk about ways in which his philanthropic work can help reboot society around some critical problems.”

Read even more from Zuckerman for the complete picture. He’s blogging — as usual — in vibrant detail.

Photo: TED / Asa Mathat