TED2009 minutes from Erik Hersman: See, today's first session

Erik Hersman has been standing in to liveblogTED2009 as Ethan Zuckerman hops across to Denver to collect an award. This morning, he brings us highlights of the first session, posting at an amazing as-it-happens rate. Here’s a little bit of what he had to say about Golan Levin:

“Golan Levin is an artist and software engineer who is here to talk to us about experiments in interactive art. He asks, ‘Where is the “art” category in the iPhone app store?’ Golan is interested in discovering how to empower people through interactive art.”

Also just off the virtual presses is a piece on Ed Ulbrich and the technology used in creating “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, and another on Olafur Eliasson and how art changes our space. Included are some brilliant images and quotes, bringing you even closer to the action at TED2009.