TED2011 report — Session 2: Majestic


The TED2011 house band, the Berklee City Music All-Stars, opens Session 2.


Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, founders of Handspring Puppet Company, bring a pioneering hyena puppet to stage.

The Handspring Puppeteers bring a life-size horse puppet on stage, which is part of their latest production, “War Horse.”

“Gamestorming” author Sunni Brown says, “The doodle has never been the nemesis of intellectual thought. In reality, it’s been one of its greatest allies.”

Paul Nicklen: Scientists predict no summertime Arctic ice within four years. Polar bears may be extinct in 40.

Thomas Heatherwick on the Seed Cathedral he designed for Shanghai Expo 2010: “It’s the only thing we’ve done that looks more like a rendering than the renderings.”

Bobby McFerrin creates an astonishing musical experience using only his body — and the audience — as instruments.

Photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson