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Earlier this year, TED headed on the road to 14 cities around the globe, on a hunt for untapped speakers for TED2013: “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered.” Holding one-night salons in cities ranging from São Paulo to New York to Nairobi to Shanghai, TED invited a slew of speakers to give the talk of their lives in just 3 to 6 minutes. In the end, almost 300 speakers presented at these far-flung events, and their talks were posted at TED fans were invited to watch and rate the talks through the month of August, and leave comments letting us know which talks they found the most fascinating, the most moving and the most insightful.

We were blown away by the ideas and presentations given during the Talent Search. 33 speakers from these events will appear on the TED2013 stage. In the spirit of surprises, you’ll have to wait to find out who. But because we want you to experience these incredible Talent Search talks, starting today, we’ll be posting several great talks from the collection on

Curious to explore more of our Talent Search talks? Here, some playlists:

And here, highlights reels of the events:

  1. From Arab sci-fi to war zone survival tips: Highlights from TED@Doha
  2. TED Talent Search: Report from TED@London
  3. From silent conductors to manta rays: Highlights from TED@Johannesburg
  4. TED Talent Search: Report from TED@Nairobi
  5. From homeschooling to ancient architecture: Highlights from TED@Tunis
  6. From hand puppetry to teaching boxes: Highlights from TED@Shanghai
  7. TED Talent Search: Report from TED@Bangalore 
  8. From finger painting to intercontinental missiles: Highlights from TED@Tokyo
  9. TED Talent Search: Report From TED@Seoul
  10. From the plastic bag dilemma to water ballet: Highlights from TED@Sydney
  11. From wooden skyscrapers to spoken word: Highlights from TED@Vancouver
  12. TED Talent Search: Report from TED@NewYork
  13. From counterfactual reasoning to iPhone art: Highlights from TED@SãoPaulo
  14. TED Talent Search: Report from TED@Amsterdam