Exploring possibilities at TED2023 through sustainable and creative gifts

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The Solgaard installation at TED2023 conference April 17-21, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Jason Redmond / TED)

TED2023 invited attendees to explore the edges of what’s possible and what’s on the horizon. Part of this experience included inspiring new ideas through a thoughtful and sustainable gift program.

For this year’s conference gifts, we focused on working with brands that inspire creativity and push boundaries in their respective industries while ensuring sustainable values. Each gift was carefully chosen to reflect the spirit of TED.

Here’s a look at what was offered in the TED gift bag:

  • Solgaard: Optimized for daily work, life and travel, the Circular Bag protects the planet and your belongings.
  • Larq: A water bottle for wherever you hydrate. Purchase of this bottle gives back, supporting clean water facilities worldwide and cleaning up plastic waste.
  • JLab: With JBuds Air Pro Wireless Earbuds, JLab imagines and delivers the personal technology products that consumers want.
  • agood company: The reused stone notebook is one step in the fight against the unsustainable supply chains harming our planet.
  • evolvetogether: Beautiful and high-performing daily essentials that take care of people and the planet.
  • Nécessaire: Body wash that shows less is better. The Necessary™ supports health and wellness.
  • Before Self Care: Toothpaste tubes that are plant-based, 100% recyclable and celebrate conscious design and a healthy world.
  • Food Huggers: Simple and sustainable, Food Huggers mimic peels found in nature to keep food fresh and delicious.
  • Philanthropy is for everyone. provided $500 gift cards to attendees to support any of the over 1.2 million nonprofits on 

During the conference, attendees had the opportunity to explore a range of new and exciting gifts at the TED Gift Hub. A curated selection of gifts from various partners were featured, showcasing different products throughout the week. Attendees had the chance to browse and select gifts that resonated with them, ranging from sustainable products, unique experiences and cutting-edge technology. The variety of partners and products on display showcased the diversity of innovation and possibility in the world today, providing a memorable and engaging experience at the TED Gift Hub.

Explore more about our in-kind partners: Aukai Body, B612 Foundation, BRIGHT, biom, Circular Harvest, Curio, Jabra, JLab, Manta Sleep, Mt. Kearsage Indian Museum, Oakywood, Oasense, OSEA, Outway, Pela, PYM, Rishi Tea, RoseBYANDER, Scopio, Sennheiser, Slowtide, thirteen lune, VRAI, Water & Wines and Zojirushi.

The TED Gift Hub at the TED2023 conference April 17-21, 2023 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Gilberto Tadday / TED)