TEDGlobal 2007 bloggers look back at world-changing days

People are packing up to leave TEDGlobal now, and the bloggers who came to the conference are thinking over the past four days.

David McQueen found new connections and strengthened virtual ones, and he sums it up in words and pictures:

I honestly don’t think Chris and Emeka (the organisers) REALLY understand how powerful this event has been. There have been connectors here, but most people have just dived into connecting with each other, creating partnerships and new friendships. A lot of dialogue about sustainable environments on the continent of Africa have begun and we are not just talking the sub Saharan countries but it would appear all fifty three in some way or the other have been affected by this. Congrats guys. Its been magnificent. TED Global is in the blood!!

Mweshi looks back to George Ayittey — who divides African leaders into two camps, the fast-moving “cheetahs” and the wallowing “hippos” — and then looks forward:

What happens after this conference now is entirely up to all of us who love our continent. To all TEDsters out there, let’s make this event the genesis of the cheetah renaissance!

An enormous thank-you to those in the TEDGlobal blog community who live-blogged or wrapped up or posted to flickr or in any way shared the experience of being in Arusha during this extraordinary week. And thanks in advance to all the bloggers who will get off the plane tomorrow and head straight to the keyboard to continue the conversation.