TEDGlobal in 100 pages

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designmindcover_large.jpgOur partners at frogdesign have published today the latest edition of their magazine design mind, and it’s devoted to TEDGlobal 2009, which took place in Oxford in July. At right is the mag’s cover — that’s Bjarke Ingels onstage with a white speech bubble on his black T-shirt; asked what should go on it, he said: “TED is more.”

This issue of design mind captures key moments of the conference — among them talks by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, author and philosopher Alain de Botton, and Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie — and features interviews with and essays from many of the most intriguing TEDGlobal speakers, TED Fellows and attendees. The magazine contains behind-the-scenes impressions of the “making of” TEDGlobal, as well as observations from the social gatherings at the conference. Completing the whole is an hour-by-hour timeline of the conference in photos and tweets posted by the attendees.

The team at frogdesign also worked with us to create the awesome TEDGlobal 2009 program guide. For the realization of this remarkable issue of design mind — which was guest-edited by TED European Director Bruno Giussani — we granted them exceptional access to TEDGlobal, with the aim of documenting the conference and extending the conversation beyond it.

The magazine was unveiled last night at an event in London, with the participation of many of the people featured in it and talks from designer Fabio Sergio and leadership expert Fields Wicker-Miurin, music from British singer Lou Rhodes — and Bruno’s Q&A with crime expert Misha Glenny. The magazine is available in select bookstores and online. As Bruno writes in the editorial, “The ideas featured in this magazine are all worth spreading. So please don’t hesitate to discuss them, build on them, make them yours, and pass them on.”