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Global ideas, in a graphic novella

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Comic books usually feature superheroes. This one, however, stars the speakers who shared ideas at last week’s TEDGlobal>London. The graphic novella “Beyond the Edge” was created by the “scribes” at Innovation Arts and gives a three-panel pop rendering of each talk at the event, with special appearances by the day’s performers. There are no villains threatening to blow up a city — but there is a shady “darknet” and an old mouse rejuvenated by young blood.

See the first page of the graphic novella below — and then download a PDF of the whole thing.


The Innovation Arts team was led by David Christie, and included Fernanda de Uriarte, Abigail Burch, Eddie Jacob and Kate Hills. The group also installed big whiteboards at TEDGlobal>London and captured the talks live — in quotes, images and rough concepts. You’ll find that a reproduction of that board on the last page of the PDF.