TED@State: Loving Zap Mama!

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Zap Mama — a musical entity centered around the gorgeous voice of Marie Daulne — walked regally onstage, just three women and three microphones (and three exercise balls). Looping their voices, they wove their vocal lines into a web of mysteriously cool sound. Echoing and repeating, these three voices contained multitudes.

Zap Mama’s new album, ReCreation, came out just last week. It’s the sixth album for Zap Mama, and the third in its current incarnation as a project for Marie Daulne and an array of collaborators. Watch the video below for the new single, “Hello to Mama” — filmed in Mali, and released in support of mothers around the world. (If you download the single from iTunes, a portion of the cost will be donated to CARE, an organization that fights against maternal mortality.)

Or download the bonus single from iTunes, “ReCreation.”