TEDTalks' great embed swap


If you’ve embedded a TEDTalk in the past on your own site or blog, today you may have noticed a new message in the embed player window: “Click here to view this video on TED.com. (Webmaster: Click through to embed our new player in your site)”

The backstory is, VideoEgg, the longtime host of TEDTalks embeds, has gotten out of the embed hosting business. This was a great excuse for us to write our own embeddable video player, adding a few improvements such as easier sharing.

We’ve been testing the new player on the TED Blog for a few weeks, and thanks very much to those who wrote in with feedback. Now we’re officially making the switch to our new embed player.

ShareThisTalk.jpgYou’ll also need to swap in new code on your own site. Clicking through the embed window will take you to the Talk page for the video, where you can find and copy the new embed code.

You’ll find the embed code in the “Share this talk” area below the player window — see detail at right. Copy the new embed code, paste it over the old code on your site, and you’re in business.

And while you’re looking at the old embed window, if you see a black screen instead of the speaker image, would you drop an email to contact@ted.com and let us know? Title it “embed code” and it’ll be swiftly addressed. In fact, send all your questions, comments and observations on the new player to contact@ted.com.