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TEDWomen blog roundup: Round three


Amazing, thoughtful blog reactions continue to roll in for last week’s TEDWomen. Read our first and second roundups, and then jump into this next batch. (And write your own, and tell me about it in the comments…)

Catherine of Her Bad Mother meditates on TEDWomen and the power of the word “mother” >>

Joni Evans of Wowowow recaps her favorite talks and the conference vibe >>

Susan at Amazing Women Rock calls TEDWomen “proof positive that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of amazing women speakers queued and ready to step onto TED stages globally >>
… and check out Susan’s 5 suggestions to get more women onstage >>

Andrea S. Zedicker from the Case Foundation wrote about “a day and half of intense emotions that ranged from laugh-so-hard you may cry to the other end of the spectrum where your heart is aching >>

An Xiao Mina at The Xiao Studios writes: “the event leaves room for surprising insights and parallels” >>

SipaKV writes for Global Voices, “I was happy to discover among the audience and the speakers all the simple possibilities of living one’s life differently” >>

One of TEDWomen’s official photographers, Duncan Davidson, recaps with photos >>

And speaker Liza Donnelly serves up her thoughts on “Speakers and Speaking at TED” >>

(Photo: Michael Brands / TED)