Live from TEDWomen

TEDx Skype stations at TEDWomen

During session breaks at TEDWomen, TEDx organizers in Washington, D.C. will connect live with some of the 115 TEDx events organized around the TEDWomen livestream to lead rich, thought-provoking conversations about the preceding session. Four Skype stations will dial into events in the following regions to bring in voices from the global TEDx community: Africa, the Middle East/India, North/Southeast Asia and Central/South America. Stations will be set up for video chat so TEDWomen and TEDx attendees can talk face-to-face about ideas from session, and why they matter in their particular region.

Meet the TEDx Skype station hosts at TEDWomen:

(From left to right)

Kelo Kubu, TEDxSoweto: Africa host

Masarat Daud, TEDxShekhavati: Middle East/India host

Geri Kan, TEDxSingapore: North/Southeast Asia host

Roberta Faria, TEDxSaoPaulo: Central/South America host