Television show “Buenas Ideas TED” to debut in Spain

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The cast and crew of the new Spanish television show, “Buenas Ideas TED.”

The concept behind Buenas Ideas TED, the 13-part Spanish television series that debuts today on TVE: to create a 21st century version of the literary salon or Greek agora. The show brings together classic TED Talks — about technology, entertainment and design, about our relationships to work and to each other, and about the ways our lives will look different in the future — and first-person decision-making by the show’s cast and crew, seamed together with smart visual effects. The premiere episode even includes an interview TEDxMadrid organizer Antonella Broglia, who told the TED Blog this summer how excited she was to see a tweet after the event from an attendee calling it “the best Saturday of my life.”

Buenas Ideas TED, directed by Miguel Castro and hosted by Xosé Castro, will premiere today — Sunday, May 26 — at 15:00 on TVE, the public broadcaster with the biggest reach in Spain. Watch it on “La 2,” where it is available both with subtitles and dubbed into Spanish. Below, a taste of this new show.