The Campfire: Session 10 at TED2012

Session 10: The Campfire is about storytelling, connecting, and the power of gathering around a shared light.

We start with Jared Ficklin, a winner of the 2011 Full Spectrum Auditions. And he brings us fire!

Next up is Joshua Foer, a writer and the one-time US Memory Champion. How did he manage to remember enough to win a prize for it? We’ll find out.

Philippe Petit is the aerialist who walked between the two World Trade Center towers. Onstage at TED, he has another stunt planned.

Marco Tempest returns to the stage for a second shot of technology-enabled magic.

Jon Ronson has written some of the most fascinating pieces of modern journalism — including The Men Who Stare at Goats and The Psychopath Test. What he’s bringing to the TED2012 stage is a masterpiece of storytelling, aided by sound expert Julian Treasure and designer Evan Grant.

On her way to becoming a lawyer specializing in American-Chinese relations, TED Fellow Abigail Washburn became a banjo player singing in American — and Chinese.