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The City: Session 7 at TED2012

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This year, the TED Prize has been given to a concept, The City 2.0. In this session, we reveal all, interspersed with a host of speakers who’ve dedicated their life and work to making our world’s cities as excellent as they can be.

In this session:

We heard updates on Jill Tarter’s wish to search for alien intelligence (you can help!) … and on the ambitious plan to catalogue all living species online, the Encyclopedia of Life.

2011 TED Prize winner and street artist JR shows the world its true face.

Economist¬†Edward Glaeser‘s work focuses on the role of cities as centers of idea transformation. Read about his idea-packed talk that celebrates the generative power of cities >>

Eduardo Paes is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro. He is on a mission to ensure that Rio’s renaissance creates a positive legacy for all its citizens. Read about his four commandments for the future of cities >>

Suja Lowenthal is the vice mayor of Long Beach who’s also part of an inspiring plan to build a new city in South Africa, starting with a blank slate >>

Mama Foundation Gospel for Teens is a program of The Mama Foundation for the Arts and Vy Higginsen’s School of Gospel, Jazz and R&B Arts. And they are >>