The Observatory: TED2012 Session 1

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It’s time for TED! To kick off this year’s official TED2012 programming, we’re taking a 30,000 foot view to examine where we are — and where we’re going. Session 1 is the “The Observatory,” with a gorgeous background imagining the audience in a space station looking down on Earth. Follow along the TED Blog as we cover the first group of speakers.

In this session:

Brian Greene is an expert in superstring theory. He also co-founded theĀ World Science Festival. Here’s what he talked about >>

Sarah Parcak is a TED Fellow and a space archaeologist. Read about her time onstage >>

Watch a TEDTalk from the future >>

Paul GildingĀ is an advocate for action on climate change and sustainability. And his vision of a tapped-out planet is compelling and a little scary. His book, The Great Disruption, was published last year. Read more about what he said onstage >>

Peter Diamandis is chairman of the X PRIZE Foundation and Singularity University. Onstage, he made the case for optimism >>

For a palate-cleanser: Brooklyn bhangra from Red Baraat >>

Once upon a time, Susan Cain was a corporate lawyer. She recently published her first book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Hear her three calls to action for introverts >>