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Introducing the TED All-Stars: 50+ speakers who’ll return to the stage at TED2014

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AllStars2 redoTED2014 will bring together more than 70 speakers with fresh thinking on topics as diverse as leadership, genetics and the magic of fireflies. But this is our 30th anniversary conference, and it’s also time to look back at some of the incredible ideas surfaced in the past. At TED2014, we will hold five All-Stars sessions that bring 50+ favorite TED speakers back to the stage.

To create this powerhouse speaker lineup, we reached out to the TED community and asked: who do you want to see return to TED2014? From there, we invited speakers to appear in these special sessions. Some will give updates; others will reveal new ideas. And there will be a few surprises along the way. Below, read which speakers will appear in our All-Star sessions. In case you want to study up, you’ll also find a link to each of these speaker’s most-watched TED Talk. Enjoy.

Session 1, “Planet Dearth,” hosted by Kathryn Schulz

Session 2, “Beauty and the Brain,” hosted by Guy Raz

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Session 3, “Where are We Now?,” hosted by Chris Anderson

Session 4, “I Heart Design,” hosted by Chee Pearlman.

Session 5, “The Future is Ours,” hosted by Helen Walters

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