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The top 10 words of TED2014, according to Erin McKean

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Erin McKean. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Erin McKean. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

A surprise superquick talk from wordnik Erin McKean, who reads from her magic notebook the top 10 words of this TED. The full list follows; here are four highlights:

tokamak, a doughnut-shaped fusion reactor whose name comes from a transliteration of the Russian токамак.

rockism, which Mark Ronson describes as “like racism, but for rock music.”

restriculous, which Sarah Jones’ character Bella made up to make it easier to say “ridiculously strict” and which we’re absolutely going to find a reason to use soon.

exsanguinate, which came up in Sara Lewis’s talk on fireflies and please don’t ask.

The full list, with definitions or examples when the words actually exist:

exsanguinate from Sara Lewis
Jackpotting from Keren Elazari
“Manhauling” from Ben Saunders
Anternet from Deborah Gordon
Panpsychism from David Chalmers
Technodeterminist from Matthew Carter
“Airpocalypse” from Peggy Liu
rockism from Mark Ronson
“Restriculous” from Sarah Jones
Tokamak, from Michel Laberge
And the bonus: Sir Ken saying “small private twerk”