The Big Questions: TED2008 lineup is online

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TED2008VertStrip.jpgSlated to appear at TED2008: memeticist Susan Blackmore (top) addresses the question “What is life?” Singer and activist Vusi Mahlasela (middle) asks, “How can we change the world?” Designer Yves Behar (bottom) asks, “How do we create?”

Many people come to TED — and visit TED.com — seeking something out of the ordinary. A chance to mentally recharge. A chance to step back and consider the really big stuff that’s happening. A chance to understand life in a richer way.

TED2008 will be our most ambitious attempt yet to deliver on that agenda. We’re building our program around the biggest questions there are. And many of these talks will appear on TED.com starting in late March.

Because it’s TED, we’ll be seeking answers not just from the sources you might expect, but by bringing together multiple voices from very different disciplines. The “Aha!” moments often come from the most unexpected connections. The questions below will give you a flavor of the incredibly rich vein of possibility in this approach. Plenty of Profundity and Challenge, for sure … but also plenty of room for Cool, Exciting and Whimsical. See the complete TED2008 Conference Program for more. We think you will like it very much. Here are the 12 questions:

Who are we?
What is our place in the universe?
What is life?
Is beauty truth?
Will evil prevail?
How can we change the world?
How do we create?
What’s out there?
What will tomorrow bring?
What stirs us?
How dare we be optimistic?
And the point?

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