The Buzz: Tony Hsieh on happiness as a business model

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Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh took to the stage in Session 2 to speak about cultivating a corporate culture based upon inspiration (rather than motivation) and which matches personal values. Pursuing happiness is not just a life goal; it’s a corporate mission. Check out what viewers had to say in Twitter and Facebook:

I like the way Tony Hseih talks about Commitable Core Valuesmumblr

Tony Hsieh: follow vision, not money (the latter will come if you are truly committed to your vision)nauiokaspark

“The only way employees can see work as calling is if they’re growing personally & professionally the entire time.” — brainpicker

Tony Hsieh gave a clear and focused talk on delivering happiness in business and life.rajiv27th

Tony Hsieh: Do what you’d be happy to do for 10 years even if you didn’t make a dimefollowsamir

Mail CEO@zappos.com to get copy of presentation & send mailing address for a personal copy of a book — dhempe