The cheeseburger footprint

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TED2006 speaker Jamais Cascio has a very interesting way of considering cheeseburgers. He tries (in this post) to calculate their carbon footprint: how much carbon is produced in the process of cooking the burger, plus
growing the feed for the cattle, growing and milling the wheat to make
bread, growing the other ingredients, slaughtering and freezing the
cattle for meat, pickling cucumbers, storing and transporting, driving
to the fast-food restaurant, etc, not to forget, at the beginning of the
chain, the methane emissions from the cattle. He details the
sources of his data and his calculations in the post, and concludes that

the overall CO2-equivalent emissions from all the cheeseburgers
consumed in the US [in a year
] roughly equal the greenhouse output of 100’000 SUVs.