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We love your comments here at TED, and often what our community has to say is as interesting as the talk or post itself. The clever quips, the personal revelations and the hot debates don’t go unnoticed — we read every one.

A few of our favorite comments this week:

On our home page makeover:
Love it – love the resizing based on rating tags – brilliant! I would expect nothing less from the TED folks. :) — Kristen via facebook

On the TEDBlog’s interview with Bonnie Bassler:
Oh great, what’s next? facebook for bacteria? — Kevin via facebook

On Bonnie Bassler’s TEDTalk: Discovering bacteria’s amazing communication system:
I’d like to suggest using the identical molecule for the quorum sensing of pathogenicity. For instance if evil bacterial species #101032234 usually wait until it’s 1 billion strong before it launches its attack fool it into attacking when it’s only 1 million strong. That way the it will be easily defeated before it has a chance to grow in number.
The downside… the bacteria may evolve guerrilla tactics. — Chris

On Nathaniel Kahn’s TEDTalk: My father, my architect:
“His failure to satisfy the family life is an inevitable association of great people, but I think his son will understand this..” the man at the end is purely genius in his (possibly inadvertent) comforting of Nathaniel Kahn. It seems to truly touch his heart, as it did with mine. — Jeffrey

On Emily Levine’s TEDTalk: A trickster’s theory of everything:
I think this lady would be good value over a few martinis — Ben

On Renny Gleeson’s TEDTalk: Busted! The sneaky moves of anti-social smartphone users:
TED: Renny Gleeson breaks down our always-on social world … Did I just do what he just said? — knkartha via twitter

Keep the comments coming — we’re listening.