The week in comments

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We’re on to our second week of picking our favorite comments from the pile, and it already seems to be getting harder. Your voices are many, and your quips are witty.

Here are the long deliberated choices:

On Shai Agassi’s TEDTalk: A bold plan for mass adoption of electric cars:
Brilliant. Persuasive. Visionary. I’m not hoping it will work. I’m actually convinced that it will work. — Joshua

I am humbled by Shai Agassi and his TEDtalk about his org, Better Place. I share his dream for a network supporting electric car ownership. — rusharound via Twitter

On the TEDBlog’s interview with Shai Agassi:
All electric Nano would be a killer appliance for transportation in India — Jack via facebook

On JoAnn Kuchera-Morin’s TEDTalk: Tour the AlloSphere, a stunning new way to see scientific data:
I have been to the AlloSphere at UCSB and knew the last guy that ran it. He had developed a MIDI Violin using LightWave as his Doctoral Project. One half the AlloSphere is run by Macs and the other half is run by PC’s. Left Brain, Right Brain?? — Jim via facebook

On Matthew Childs’ TEDTalk: Hang in there! 9 life lessons from rock climbing:
Sounds great! Now we need a TED about 9 ways to thwart a pirate attack! — Elizabeth via facebook

On our new intro music:
I’m watching Shai Agassi’s excellent TED talk, my ears are appreciating the more toned down TED intro theme. — aramc via Twitter

Thanks for another week of dialog. We’ll see you tomorrow with a new TEDTalk and another reason for you to talk.