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Maybe it was because of our 500th TEDTalk, but this weeks comments seemed especially meaningful. From people being amazed at Eric Giler’s WiTricity to people rethinking their life strategy thanks to Dan Pink’s talk on motivation. Here’s just a sampling of the reaction:

On Natasha Tsakos’ talk: A multimedia theatrical adventure:
This lady is amazing – talented and inspiring, to say the least. My sense is that she’s just begun to explore the depths of reality and cross the borders of an infinite imagination. What’s more, to have a social conscience – to connect and collaborate – makes her work a must-see for everyone! — Ron

On Dan Pink’s talk: The surprising science of motivation:
1. autonomy, 2. mastery, 3. purpose. I am going to be beating this drum for a bit. thanks to dan pink TWIT — coreformula via Twitter

Excellent talk! Its interesting to note that the science supports innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and not the subject of economics. Economics is based on aligning incentive structures to maximize utility and productivity. Productivity is reminiscent of the 20th century and the industrial revolution. The 21st Century is about fostering innovation and companies need re-think their performance models to take that into account and stay competitive in this new arena … — Rebecca

On Eric Giler’s talk: Wireless electricity demo:
I’m pumped on the reality of WiTricity from Eric Giler’s talk at #TED — vspeelman via Twitter

That is very interesting. As Eric stated this is very old technology, I am wondering why it has come out now? And how they will hinder its productivity to monopolize it? I will watch this old invention made new with great interest. — Aaron

On Hans Rosling’s talk: Let my dataset change your mindset:
The way his personality and his website bring information to the public so lucidly and persuasively is unparalleled from all the talks I’ve watched from TED. Here he breaks apart our conceptions of developing countries and literally delineates the problems plaguing so many countries. — Brad

Thank you TED, for letting Hans come and talk again. Inspiring, really really inspiring. Improving data availability, transparency and usability (As hans conveys perfectly) will rocket our world into new heights of prosperity and health, I am sure of it! — Colin

As always, thanks for the comments on the talks. We hope you’ll be here sparking discussion for the next 500.