The week in comments

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Whether influenced by Mary Roach and the infamous “pig video” or Yves Behar and Forrest North’s easy banter, there was a definite cheeky lilt to the comments this week. Here’s a quick look at the fun:

On Dan Ariely’s talk: Are we in control of our own decisions?:
So where’s that slightly uglier version of myself ; D ? — Evelyn via facebook

On Mary Roach’s talk: 10 things you didn’t know about orgasm:
.. and that’s why we have swine flu. Good God Man, put on some gloves! — Brenda via facebook

Disclaimer: That pig video does not represent the view of all Danes. ;-) — Klaus

Mary Roach makes pig insemination fun — rutila via Twitter

On Carolyn Porco’s talk: Could a Saturn moon harbor life?:
So? IS THERE OIL THERE?! ;) — Tom via facebook

On Yves Behar’s talk on supercharged motorcycle design:
They should make these with baseball cards in the spokes. — Mayo via facebook

But how about ending things on a sweeter note?

On the exclusive content provided to facebook fans after reaching 100,000 members:
Thank you for daily inspiration and my Master’s thesis topic. Thank you for helping me blow minds, challenge preconceptions and change the world. I’m not ready yet, but someday I’d like to present my research at TED, I would consider it a lifetime accomplishment. — Spencer via facebook