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This week featured strong talks and we’ve found some equally strong comments to go with them. From touching reactions on Sophal Ear’s escape with his family from the Khmer Rouge to amazement at Kary Mullis’ strikingly deft cure for killer infections and appreciation for Eames Demetrios’ sentimental portrait of his legendary designer grandparents. Here they are:

On Tom Wujec’s talk: 3 ways the brain creates meaning:
awesome!..what’s not to like?..this is breakthrough education with a soul!..and it’s cool! BRAVO — Chand via facebook

On Sophal Ear’s talk: Escaping the Khmer Rouge:
didn’t really grip me until the end – then tears actually came to my eyes. Great talk. — Howard via facebook

A very moving personal story told with much sincerity and honesty. — Somboun via facebook

On Kary Mullis’ talk: A next-gen cure for killer infections:
A brilliant idea, well explained in less than 5 minutes. — Rick

Medical students’ ears should be ringing with excitement and new opportunities now, thanks to Mullis’ discovery. This is too cool! — Jason

On Eames Demetrios’ talk: The design genius of Charles and Ray Eames:
Eames Demetrios is a great evangelist for his grandparents as well as for today’s design process. He’s right that design is no longer only for designers. Watch this vid if you can. — Nate via facebook

I just had a designorgasm! — minusfive via Twitter

Powerful stuff people, keep it coming.