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This week’s theme for comments all over the Internet is experience. There are personal accounts from those who’ve witnessed Olafur Eliasson’s work (presented in his talk on playing with space and light) and recollections of good times at TED@Palm Springs (now upgraded to TEDActive!) or testimonials from volunteers of our Open Translation Project.

On Olafur Eliasson’s talk: Playing with space and light:
His work has created a drug-like experience for me each time I’ve been to one of his shows. He’s a genius. — Lilith via Facebook

This fellow makes the important work of becoming aware of ourselves as subjective perceivers very enjoyable. his installations are amazing. — Martha via Facebook

… Personally for me, TED is about thinking about the world and considering things I haven’t done before, it’s about pushing boundaries. And this talk achieves that for me. Therefore it’s time well spent. — Paul

On Daniel Kraft’s talk: A better way to harvest bone marrow:
… Back in the 1970’s my friend’s brother was one of the first Canadians to have a bone marrow transplant. He defeated his “six weeks to live” prognosis and lived for 12 more years, participating in ongoing clinical trials. YAY research and innovation!Allison Hunt

as a registered marrow donor, I feel I can finally come out from under my duvet because of this development. Great stuff. If it encourages more people to register as donors, that’s a victory in itself. — Nik via Facebook

On the news about TEDPalm Springs being upgraded to TEDActive:
Vive transparency!! Knowledge is power and through I.T. the knowledge is shared effectively and efficiently enabling a more intimate, mutually supportive and effective global community. x — Mandy via Facebook

This brings so many TED memories that it makes me cry. Hope I’ll be there again TEDActive 2010 http://www.ted.com/pages/view/id/220 — pipegm via Twitter

On TED’s Open Translation Project reaching 1000 Translations:

I got so excited about this I just signed up to be a translator. I love the talks anyway; they’re a great way to expand my knowledge about oh so many fascinating things. And I think the fact that the translation project is all volunteer, and so openly structured, totally ROCKS! — Jakki via Facebook

Proud to be a TED translator!!! — Francisco via Facebook

The feelings are mutual.