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It reads like everyone was inspired by the talks this week (including two more released from TEDGlobal 2009), which feature philosopher Alain de Botton on success, scientist Elaine Morgan on aquatic apes and artist/software engineer Golan Levin on his interactive art. Lets get to the comments:

On Elaine Morgan’s talk: We evolved from aquatic apes:
Elaine Morgan is rocking the boat in darwin’s theory … — heyamir via Twitter

Isn’t it possible that our ancestors did just enough swimming and diving to change our phenotypes? This theory would also explain carnivorous behavior if these primates had to dive for fish to live. I like it. — Jake via Facebook

On Golan Levin’s talk: Making art that looks back at you:
a really fun way to bring robots to life. make them more than just pieces of machines — Ah via Facebook

I actually like the last invention the most. Will the future AI see and interact in this form? Its kinda like a dawn of Terminator. — Lee

On Alain de Botton’s talk: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success:
Alain just put in words what I and many of my friends have been experiencing.
I am out of work now but instead of feeling sorry for myself I am looking at how to use my executive management experience to launch a business that is more true to my dreams. — Tammy via Facebook

Alain’s writing has always been such an amazing insight into human nature… He so eloquently puts our thoughts and subconscious into words. I was excited to hear his TED talk and it certainly wasn’t a disappointment! In person, he’s even wittier than his books… If that’s possible?!? Thank you Alain and thank you TED! — Emma via Facebook

Thanks to all of you for your insightful reactions.