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The reception for this past wave of talks from TED Global 2009 centers around the theme of accountability. People seemed especially moved by Emmanuel Jal’s music on his life as a war child and Michael Pritchard’s revolutionary water filter. We even got a TEDGlobal speaker sparking a discussion on one of these highlighted talks (in addition to his own). Here are the motivated comments:

On Emmanuel Jal’s talk: The music of a war child:
I’m on a soap box today and this link is on it! — Angie via Facebook

What a beautiful way to stir us out of complacency and to turn hard times to good ends. Wonderful, Inspiring, Moving & Worthwhile! — Tom

This is a moving talk. It calls for great courage to renounce hatred and violence despite growing amidst them and being a victim of these. Hats off! The call for education to counteract exploitation is a message worth spreading. — Srini

On Janine Benyus’ talk: Biomimicry in action:
This presentation warms my heart.. it seems there´╗┐ might be a future for us on this planet after all. — ehhhhhhhhhh via YouTube

fantastic talk. I hope that people like Janine Benyus are ushering in a way of living on the earth that will be the salvation of at least a few human beings. — Billie via Facebook

On Michael Pritchard’s talk: Turning filthy water drinkable:
Fabulous!! Is anyone thirsty? TED Michael Pritchard Invents Water Filter… — tokendesigners via twitter

lets see how fast world’s governments act to get this technology and help their people…….. Now they don’t have any excuses….. — Syed via Facebook

On Willard Wigan’s talk: Hold your breath for micro-sculpture:
I’m often amazed by the people I encounter on TED. Willard’s talent and perhaps even more, his sheer patience is simply astonishing. He is truly an artist. “Don’t sweat the small things”, has never really had a place in my lexicon and Willard just put’s a fork, I mean pin in it. :-) — Eric via YouTube

Do anyone of you TEDsters or any one out there in the TED community know of any surgeons. We need to hook Willard up with them. Surgeons are constantly battling with sewing together very small arteries, veins, ligaments etc and these are very difficult to do. They are also constantly cutting things at the micro level. Willard’s talents could be imparted to any types of surgeons, eye, heart, key-hole, transplant etc etc. … — Michael Pritchard

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