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Thomas Barnett on the post-Bush world

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It’s no secret that the world is on the alert for plans toward political and economic solvency. Strategic planner Thomas Barnett has released Great Powers: America and the World After Bush to address many of our most significant global crises.

In a recent interview with Dan Hare, Barnett elaborated on the book, saying the US must admit that it no longer has control over globalization — or the global economy. Here’s a quote:

As we’re demonstrating now through the overhang we’ve created financially, I want readers to realize that we’re the one country that can truly destroy globalization. That’s why I think it’s absolutely essential — and why I wrote the book — to make Americans aware that this globalization is a many-decades-long project that began with how we started this country and ultimately with how we seek to run this complex world — with rules but not a ruler.

Also check out Barnett’s 2005 talk on rethinking the US Military.