Thomas Dolby: Spot the Billie Holiday lyrics

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Via The Official Thomas Dolby Blog: Thomas Dolby has posted the lyrics to his brand-new song “Love Is a Loaded Pistol,” which premiered today on He throws out a challenge: “See how many of Billie’s song titles you can spot.”

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He writes that an MP3 of studio version of “Pistol” is available to download — sign up for Thomas Dolby’s mailing list to get the link.

Dolby also talked to about the single and the upcoming album, “A Map of the Floating City” — with appearances by Mark Knopfler, Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Natalie MacMaster, Eddi Reader and Camera Club’s Bruce Woolley. From the story:

“A Map of the Floating City” is comprised of three suites. “Amerikana” focuses on a fondness for American roots music Dolby developed while living in the United States for 22 years. “Oceanea” was inspired by “returning to my spiritual home” in the eastern coastline of England, while “Urbanoia” is “kind of a dark place, a dark city-state, so there definitely are some slightly more twisted songs on there.”

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