Thomas Dolby warms up for TED2008

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TED’s Musical Director, Thomas Dolby, is blogging about his preparations for the conference — choosing music, working with the amazing house band and special guests … And he plans to blog about TED music regularly from Monterey, throughout the conference. As he writes:

So what’s the role of music in all of this? Well, imagine this: the TED program is so jam-packed with mindblowing ideas and intellectual stimulation that it’s easy to get a migraine. A day at TED is a rapid-fire barrage of brilliant speakers with eye-opening ideas. You need to take a break every now and then to process what you’re hearing, and to allow your own brain and body to formulate a response to what you hear. It’s not practical to offer 10-minute shiatsu massages to 1,200 people, so we try to do the same with music.