TIME magazine on Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue and the quest to save the ocean

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From the TIME story on ocean hotspots: Saya de Malha Banks

TIME magazine’s Bryan Walsh has posted a beautiful, in-depth story about Sylvia Earle and Mission Blue. Traveling from the Galapagos to the Sargasso Sea, and through oceans around the world, the profile tells Sylvia’s story as a pioneering ocean scientist — and details her lifelong quest to protect the ocean, one “hope spot” at a time.

From the story:

If her goal is audacious — we don’t even have the legal institutions yet to protect international waters — so is Earle. “I can’t think of many others who’ve been as persistent and vocal and forward-thinking on the oceans as Sylvia,” says Greg Stone, chief scientist for oceans at Conservation International. “The world is opening up to her message.” The often fractious marine-conservation movement — along with new corporate allies like Google — is making a concerted push for attention under the Mission Blue banner, focusing on reducing overfishing and expanding protection.

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