Twitter Snapshot: P.W. Singer on robots of war

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Chris Anderson managed to sum up the mood at TED2009, and on Twitter, when he described P.W. Singer’s presentation on robots and war as “a bit frightening.”


Here are some of your thoughts, as tweeted in recent minutes:

Scary presentation. Democratization of technologies of warfare will be accessible to all, fallacy to think only nation states will play — glanceteel

PW Singer’s lead off TED talk on military technology depressing, chilling and numbing. — trib

PW Singer – There is serious competition between the US, other nations and private players for dominance. Think AlQaeda/Unibomber. TED2009 — wanyama

Other tweets proved that TEDsters can see humor in all things:

Just realised that a robot is about to replace me ted —

Thank you P.W. Singer for the nightmare of all those at home following along in their cubicles taking revenge on us TED folks — faketed

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Photo: TED / Asa Mathat