Twitter Snapshot: Lena Maria Klingvall lives without limits

This afternoon Lena Maria Klingvall had the rapt attention of TED2009 as she described how she lives a vastly accomplished life with only one full limb. Her story touched us all and the audience responded — via Twitter:

Lena-Maria Klingvall at TED2009 Photo: TED/James Duncan Davidson

Lena-Maria Klingvall says she was born “hands-free.” — ted2009

“My brother was born 15 months later than me without a handicap; or that’s what they say.” “Most handicaps are invisible.” — ashdonaldson

girl on stage is shiningsandrofarina

Lena-Maria Klingvall “The only way to become an independent person would be to cope with any obstacle that came in my way. — brainpicker

Lena Marie”You have to dare to do things sometimes.” Talk about power of positive thinking! Gold Medal neuroplasticity — drg

Her attitude and personality are even more inspiring than her accomplishments. —

Lena Maria Klingvall: Swedish superstar who didn’t need hands, arms or a left leg to become more than most will ever be. — StrictlyCircus

Lena is a gold-medal swimmer, a singer, a painter, a writer and a true inspiration.